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With over 1000+ spectators and 500 participants the Langford Bikefest provides exceptional exposure and recognition to business supporters and key sponsors.

This is achieved by offering exposure value in media ad placements (Newspaper, TV, and Radio), website, posters and promotional articles and coverage, sponsors receive extensive name/brand coverage.

Key sponsors also benefit from significant editorial coverage from local media, newspaper, web, cycling publications, and radio.

  • Spectators: est 1000 for all combined events

  • Web-hits: 15,000 unique page views since Feb 2010, Average 680 hits per month / Highest 1 month page views - 5000 hits for Month of May.

  • Print: Circulation of  posters,

  • Newspaper Circulation: Full Colour Newspaper Ads, 172000 readership

  • TV and Radio Plugs: 200000 plus reach

  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube feeds.

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